Useful information on the measures taken to prevent transmission of the virus SARS COV-2 and Hotel Services

The care and safety of our staff and visitors is our highest priority. For this reason, our hotel implements all the health & safety protocols and instructions of the government to avoid the transmission of the SARS COV-2 virus and to ensure public health.

Health First

Check out – Check in

According to the health & safety protocol for accommodation facilities, check out is set at 11:00 am, while check-in is set from 15:00 pm. This measure is applied due to the necessity of sufficient time for disinfestation and ventilation of the room.

You now have the option to perform web check in before your arrival at the hotel. Prior to your arrival a link will be sent to your e-mail address in order to fill in all the required data for each one of your booking party members. Respecting the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), we would like to inform you that the recording of all data of all parties is mandatory and a file is kept for public health protection (possible tracking).


Arriving at the hotel we disinfect your luggage and you may apply antiseptic lotion on your hands which is available in the reception area, in order to maintain the disinfection that we apply at our hotel on a regular basis during the day.


In your room you will find packaged towels and slippers, antiseptic gel and antiseptic wipes.

Based on the health and safety protocol, all the decorative elements (decorative pillows), the complimentary services that we used to provide (mini bar with waterboiler, soft drinks, and instant coffee / tea facilities) as well as the Hotel Services Catalog have been removed.

It is recommended that you avoid air recirculation.


Housekeeping is now applied in 2 stages: 1. Cleaning and 2. Disinfection. All fabric surfaces are sterilized with a steam cleaner and all the areas are disinfected with certified cleaners / disinfectants by the company ECOLAB with which we collaborate.

Based on the G8 and G9 elements of the health & safety protocol for accommodation facilities, during your stay the daily cleaning of the rooms as well as the daily change of linen and towels is been performed only by the request of the customer (avoiding contact of cleaning workers with a possible case and further transmission). In this case the request must be given at the Reception before 10:00 p.m.

It is recommended to close the toilet lid before flushing.


Breakfast is served from 08:00am – 10:00 am

Based on the H8 element of the health & safety protocol for accommodation facilities, our breakfast consists of branded packaged products in individual rations and is served either in our dining room, where all the required health conditions for the service have been applied, either in your room or in a special bio-dispersible box (breakfast box) if you wish to take it with you.


Bistro is temporarily unavailable (information is given by the Reception).

LakeSpirit Spa – Mini Gym

For the Spa please contact with Reception. Mini Gym is temporarily unavailable.

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Health First