The Lake Spirit Hotel's meeting/conference room is a comfortable and functional area that can accommodate business meetings, presentations, seminars, banquets and private parties.

It has 2 halls with natural light, with capacity of... both halls are flexible to be adjusted according to the needs of the event.

The place, apart from being exclusively professional, can be magically transformed into a romantic roof garden overlooking the starry sky or a lively sky bar for the needs of a birthday party.

Equipment and services:

  • Complete microphone installation with Bosch Conference system.
  • High-end projector
  • 2 screens 65’’
  • Ability to combine the screens or projector with wired or wireless transmission of the presentation (from tablet or mobile).
  • Flipchart, podium, laser pointer
  • Ability to record the conference in digital format.
  • Live streaming capability.
  • Full technical support.
  • Coffee break with coffee, juice, soft drinks and light snacks.
  • Buffet, refreshments and drinks.

The central location of Lake Spirit Hotel, the pleasant atmosphere and the personal care provide the best conditions for a successful meeting.

Please contact us for any questions about seminars, meetings and events.

Lake Spirit Hotel at Ioannina Lake Spirit Hotel at Ioannina

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Provisions availableAccording to your needs

Symmetrical, 30 persons Symmetrical
30 persons
School, 50 persons School
50 persons
U Shape, 15 - 20 persons U Shape
15 - 20 persons
Closed Seminar, 34 persons Closed Seminar
34 persons
Individual groups, 70 persons Individual groups
70 persons
Theater, 100 persons Theater
100 persons